Monday, November 5, 2012

a sweater in the making....

Usually, I don't knit sweaters. Even though I have a considerable stash of sweater-quantity yarn...courtesy of the three years or so I worked in yarn shops...I don't have the attention span to complete a sweater. I like to knit smaller items. One of the reasons I like to knit so much is that I'm intrigued to see how an item turns out. It fascinates me that a knitter can turn a string of fiber into a usable item. But once the design takes shape, I'm ready to move on.

But back in the summer, my daughter found a loose pattern in the basement. It probably dates from the 1980's. She asked me to knit the drop sleeve sweater for her, so I ordered some sale yarn from WEBS. It's a pretty boring knit, about 59 cm of stockinette, so I haven't gotten very far in the ensuing months. She's been bugging me about it, so I've retrieved it from the bottom of my project basket.

She recently accompanied me to an out-of-town water polo tournament with my son's high school team, and I promised to work on her sweater. I taught her to knit when she was about 8, but she never really took to it. Nevertheless, she does remember how to do the knit stitch, so we took turns while we sat in the stands between games. She worked the knit rows and I did the purl rows.

There was a little variation in tension, but hopefully that will even out when I block it. We had fun, but I don't think she will take up knitting more permanently...she just wants her sweater.

The tournament weekend was a couple of weeks ago, and I haven't touched the project since. I saw it guiltily last night and dragged it out of my bag. I got several inches done but I have to knit an identical piece for the back. At least I'm on a roll....sort of...

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  1. Kathleen - Thank you so much for the pattern for the little knitted gift bag. It is a perfect way for me to use up all my leftover sock yarn. I, like you, enjoy knitting small items. I have a passion for socks. I also just designed a knitted gift bag which will be available on by blog soon.
    ( I recently found another great pattern for knitting up squares out of leftover sock yarn for later piecing into an afghan or throw. It's on Ravelry (Sock Yarn Squares by Shannon Geddes). Enjoyed your blog!