Thursday, November 15, 2012

Bobble Rib Mitts

I liked how much my Bobble Rib Cowl turned out that I was inspired to make some matching mitts. I love to wear fingerless mitts because I can use my fingers. I particularly like wearing then while grocery shopping in the winter. My hands get cold pushing the cart and my mitts keep my hands cozy with fingers free to shop. Here's the pattern for my new mitts.

Bobble Rib Mitts

130 yards worsted weight yarn
set of US size 5 double pointed needles
2 markers
tapestry needle


Make 2 identical mitts

Cast on 42 sts and join in the rounds. Purl one round.
Work bobble rib pattern:

Rnd 1: *k 3, p 1, make bobble (p 1, k 1, p1, k 1) into next st, lift 2nd, 3rd and 4th st over 1st st, p 1*
Rnd 2: *k 3, p 1, k 1, p 1*
Rnd 3: *k 3, p 3*
Rnd 4: as rnd 2

Repeat bobble rib pattern for a total of 5 times or until cuff measures 2.5". Work another rnd 1 and rnd 2. Change to stockinette st (knit every row) for 8 rnds or for 1". Begin thumb gusset: K 20, place marker, m 1, k 1, m1, place marker. Continue knitting every round, increasing 2 gusset sts in this manner every 3rd rnd. When there are 13 gusset sts between markers, thread a length of waste yarn through tapestry needle and transfer gusset sts to work later for thumb. Cast on one st to right needle and continue knitting for 16 rnds or until mitt measures 7" from cuff. Begin working a k 3, p 1 rib pattern, increasing 2 sts evenly on first rnd. Work rib pattern for 6 rnds or until desired length.

Thumb: remove waste yarn and place gusset sts on 2 double-pointed needles. With a 3rd needle pick up 3 sts and knit 8 rnds. Bind off thumb sts.

The top cuff can be worn up or folded down like show in this picture.

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