Sunday, November 18, 2012

a very happy birthday boy

My friend's son turned seven and we went to his birthday party yesterday. Little Zac loves playing a dragon video game on his mom's Ipad, so I told him this summer that I would make him a dragon. I think he has been waiting for it ever since. When it came time to open presents, Zac made a beeline for my inelegantly tissue-paper wrapped present and ripped it open, He was absolutely thrilled with his dragon, although he did sort of say something about his favorite color being red...I made a blue dragon. I don't think I ever made a gift that was so beloved. He carried that dragon everywhere, outside for the pinata, next to him while eating cake. I plan to make another red one for him. Here's the link to the pattern Choose Your Own Dragon Adventure. It's a fun pattern that has several options for tails, horns, etc so you can truly make the dragon of your choice.

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