Sunday, January 13, 2013

Angry Birds

I was browsing through Ravelry yesterday and found this adorable free pattern for some Angry Bird mittens. A couple years ago, I would sometimes have to beg my son for a chance to play the game on his phone while we were waiting at restaurants and such. (He has a smart phone while I don't. In fact, my phone is so old I figure that I could someday donate to the Smithsonian. It still works so I don't plan to get a new one just yet.) I never really got that great at the game but it is oddly addicting. My son wonders why that game has become so popular when there are so many other games.

My son is too old to wear Angry Bird Mitts, but I know a seven-year old who might. He wore an Angry Bird costume for Halloween and had an Angry Bird themed birthday party so I figured he would love these mittens. I was so eager to try them, that I dropped my current project, ran downstairs to dig through my stash for yarn to make them. I found some Cascade 220 and cast on.

I had a difficult time getting the eyebrows to be symmetrical. I re-did them a couple times on one of the mitts and still didn't really like how they turned out. Finally, I got some black sewing thread and reshaped the black yarn with a needle and thread. Tomorrow I will mail them out.

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