Wednesday, January 9, 2013

First Projects of the Year

My first project of the year is the Lucy Hat which I knitted with Madelinetosh Vintage. It was the actual yarn called for in the pattern and I just love it. I've been collecting skeins, mostly discounted onesies, from Jimmy Beans Wool  of Madelinetosh Merino Light but I've discovered that I love Vintage as well. My skeins are piled up and I actually am reluctant to knit with them. The colors are so rich and the skeins look so lovely. I figure a project has to be really worthy to use them.

With the yarn leftover from the hat, I made a pair of Waiting for Winter Mittens. I was going to design mittens using the woven stitch band featured in the hat, but I opted for expediency since I wanted to get this set mailed out to my aunt. I had promised her over the summer I would knit her a hat. I don't see her that often because she lives in another state, but she really appreciates handmade stuff.

I read many blogs and most of them contain entries about New Year resolutions or goals. I never have really jumped on the resolution bandwagon. I have to chuckle though because this time last year I actually was pretty serious about a goal of not buying any more yarn until I used up a bin of stash yarn. I'm not sure how long that lasted, but Jimmy Beans Wool just sent me a thank-you gift for being one of their most-appreciated customers.

a thank-you gift

I do have a knitting-related goal for this year though and it is to complete an actual adult-size sweater. I have yarn stashed to make several sweaters but just can't seem to finish them or even start them. I like the quick satisfaction of a small project. I'll see a pattern on Ravelry and want to dive in. This means that my knitting bags (yes, I have several) contain languishing unfinished cowl, a single sock. In a somewhat feeble attempt to organize for the new year, I rummaged through my bags and ripped out some unfinished projects and resolved to complete a couple others.

Here's one that I rescued. It was probably two years ago that I started these granny squares.

granny square scarf crocheted with Noro Silk Garden sock

Now it is almost done but not before I was distracted by a new purchase. I bought eight  balls of Crystal Palace kid merino for only $2.60 at Jimmy Beans. As soon as they arrived I started in on another flower scarf. I don't know what I'm going to do with all these flower scarves!

This one is very soft and lightweight.

I'm taking these pictures at 5:30 am and it is pitch dark outside. I get up with my teenage son who has swim practice at 5:45 am at his high school three mornings a week. I used to have to drive him but now he gets picked up by a friend. I make him coffee and a lunch. Parents take turns bringing in breakfast for the team. Yesterday was my turn and I got up at 4:45 am and made two large pans of hash brown casserole, baked 32 cinnamon rolls that I had made yesterday, and cracked 3 dozen eggs that I scrambled on site with my electric skillet. Another mom brought in chocolate milk, applesauce and yogurt. Those boys are certainly well-fed but I figure they deserve it. If I had to jump into a pool at 5:45 am, I would certainly look forward to a nice breakfast afterward. By noon, I was getting pretty sleepy at the office. And those boys had another practice from 3 to 5:30 pm! I don't know how they do it.

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