Thursday, January 10, 2013


A few years ago, I started swapping on Swap-bot. On this site you can sign up to participate in a variety of swaps ranging from exchanging post cards to more elaborate packages. I usually stick to swaps that involve handmade themes. You are assigned one or more partners who can live anywhere in the world depending on the parameters of the swap. You then prepare a package for them based on the theme. I was fairly active on the site but now I only participate every couple of months. There doesn't seem to be as many handcrafted swaps as there once was and I'm not really interested in exchanging store bought items.

However, I recently saw an interesting swap with a winter choose 4 items to send to a partner. Each person has a profile on the site where they can list preferences. I'm sending my package out to my partner today and this is what she will get. First, I knitted a scarf/shawlette in a self-striping yarn I chose because my partner mentioned she liked black, white and purple. This swap is not specifically for handmade items but I included two. The second is a crocheted basket that I filled with a sampler of tea bags. I made several of these little baskets out of dishcloth cotton I have in my stash and filled then with Ghiradelli chocolates for little holiday gifts. I think the tea bags look great, so that's another use for them.

I rounded out the package with some Starbucks salted caramel hot chocolate, a box of Sanders mints, a locally made candy and two unscented votive candles.

I like to wrap gifts in plain, white tissue and attach a crocheted flower as a ribbon. I make them out of leftover scraps and try to have a supply on hand in a plastic bag. I wrapped the scarf up in just such a fashion.

The package will go out in today's mail. I am still waiting to receive one from my partner. I haven't swapped in awhile so this is fun!


  1. how do you make these adorable baskets?

  2. Helen: they are crocheted out of cotton yarn. I plan to post the pattern soon but am still experimenting. I'm not quite happy with how the bottom puffs out a bit. I've made several in various sizes...they are cute and functional and you can swap out the ribbons to match decor or seasons.